How To Refinish Your Garage Door

There are several steps that go into door refinishing. It can be a difficult job and can be easily botched if not performed properly. To prevent door cracks and damage, do your homework prior to beginning the process.

Preparation for Refinishing: Your door hardware should always be dry and clean. Prepare the surfaces for refinishing: If you are planning to paint your door hardware, preparation of the hardware should be done before painting. This includes cleaning and painting the hardware to get rid of any wax or dirt build up. If the door is already stained, priming of the surface and sanding down imperfections should be done. Painting/Stinging of the Door: Once the door hardware is ready, will stain or paint your new door in your custom finish.

door refinishing

Once the stain has dried, you should be able to completely satisfied with your door. You should never start a door refinishing process unless all the steps have been completed and you are completely satisfied with the result. If not, then you should postpone the project until all the steps have been completed. Here are a few tips to keep in mind when you begin the project.

o Think Locally When you begin door refinishing services, it is important to think about your home. What kind of effect would you like to achieve? If your house is modern, you might want to use a finish that is somewhat darker and earthier. If your house is old, you may want to use more vibrant colors that will compliment the look of your house.

o What Color of Paint Should I Use? The color of paint you will use for door refinishing is an important part of the overall door project. You should choose a color that will complement the style of your home as well as compliment the hardware you currently have on your door. If you are planning on changing the hardware on your door at a later date, then you will need to choose a paint color that will still be complimentary, but will also go with your remodeling efforts.

o Think About the Finish For Your Wood Doors: Prior to painting or staining your wood door, you will need to take into consideration the condition of your door. Do you need minor repairs done to your wood doors before you start staining? Are there deep cracks or dents that need to be filled in before you apply the first coat of paint? If so, this will affect the way you paint and seal the wood doors.

o How Many Fibers Should I Use in My Fiberglass Entry Doors? When it comes to the fiberglass stucco, the material can be thick or thin, smooth or chunky, and shiny or matte. The choices are endless. What is more important though is the proper density and texture for your glass fiberglass installation. You should make sure that your entry doors are sealed with a high quality sealing compound that is made specifically for fiberglass stucco and glass fiberglass doors.

Door refinishing is a great way to breathe new life into old doors and can increase the value of your home as well. Before you begin the process though, you will want to be absolutely sure that you understand everything there is to know about it. Be sure that you talk to a company that specializes in this type of work. They will help you choose the right products, get the job done right and ensure that you are completely satisfied with the end result.

o What Kind of Finish Should I Choose For My Fiberglass Front Door Finishes? There are many different kinds of finishes that are available when it comes to fiberglass front door finishes. You should discuss with a company specializing in door installations, what type of finish would be best for the area you live in, as well as what kind of effect you wish to achieve.

Some of the most popular choices include paintable rubber, polyurethane varnish, fiberglass paint, and clear lacquer. Each of these have their own benefits, so you will want to talk to a trained installer to determine which one is right for you. If you are not happy with a particular finish, you can always have them repaint it for you or even switch out the whole door, if you are tired of the same boring door look.

Once you’ve chosen the right finish for your door, you need to choose a stain. Most stains work well on fiberglass doors, but some may not work on wood finish doors. If you have opted for a printable rubber stain, you will need to sand down the wood finish lightly before applying the stain so that you do not scratch the finish. Wood finish stains work best with a medium-grit sandpaper, but you may need to use a special wood finish sander if your stain is very dirty. You can also opt to use a wood finishing product such as a finisher or latex to fill in the cracks and give your door that old worn look you may be going for.

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